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ORI Program Development Services

ORI  provides results-driven consulting services to foundations, government agencies, non-profits, and entrepreneurs that are working towards transformational social and economic changes in society.  We work with funders to develop and implement strategies that leverage their financial resources in ways that advance their mission and lead to triple bottom line returns (social, economic, and environmental).  We also assist program developers by increasing their capacity to identify and actualize opportunities that increase their operational and strategic effectiveness.  Our program development services are based on a process that incorporates:

     Concept Development – Organizations are often rich in experience and insights that are of value to their clients, communities, and stakeholders.  We work with clients to uncover and tap into the resources and opportunities that exist within current operations.   We also provide our clients with tools and resources that help them refine their ideas, test concepts with focus groups and build support with internal and external stakeholders.

     Feasibility Analysis – Once an idea emerges as a potential course of action, we work with clients to analyze the proposal’s feasibility in terms of its potential impact across a range of indicators.  We provide a detailed review of current market conditions, trends, stakeholders, success factors, challenges, opportunities, best practices, and resources.  We provide our clients with the information and analysis that they need to better understand specific markets, their current positioning, and to make informed decisions about their future strategy and operations.

     Fundraising Planning – We view fiscal sustainability as a guiding principle of our program development process.  This principle guides program design to focus on partnerships, joint ventures and strategic alliances that increase funding opportunities while minimizing administrative overhead.  We work with organizations to develop fundraising strategies based on communicating achievement across multiple impact areas.  Plans may include specific strategies for foundation, government or corporate grants; individual giving campaigns; special events; or alternative fundraising programs.

     Implementation – Well executed activities are the backbone of effective programs.  Through professional development and training, or through comprehensive project management, we get programs up and running.  We also build data collection and assessment tools into operations that increase management capacity while providing valuable information for ongoing planning.

     Evaluation – “Wholistic” and triple-bottom-line programs from grassroots projects to regional interdisciplinary initiatives share the need for data and assessment tools that can adequately reflect the multiple layers of impact that they aspire to achieve.   Our evaluation process identifies direct, indirect, or unintended impacts based on the stated mission and objectives.  We work with clients to develop a system of planning, implementation, assessment that produces achievable and measurable results.

Program Development